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All things Kaaron on the internet.

Well... maybe not ALL things Kaaron. More like "all the pertinent things Kaaron on the internet"? 
Let's go with that. 

While I am a native of New Orleans I have made Brooklyn my home. I love learning and am extremely curious about all the world has to offer. I've been studying French for the past few years and can order pastries like a pro! My first "starring role" on stage was as Miss Grasshopper in a riveting adaptation of "The Grasshopper and the Ant." I was eight, and hooked on the thrill of being in front of an audience. It doesn't matter whether that audience is right there or on the other side of a camera lens, there is something about telling a story that I cannot resist.

My love of storytelling has moved into writing and creating my own work. I have two full length plays, a few shorts, and some very salty Facebook posts. My written work mirrors what I look for in my acting: fantastic, absurd, and funny. I like stories that surprise you or take you out of your comfort zone. I mean, really, all the best things happen outside your comfort zone!